Sunday, May 30, 2010

head to head

Finally decided to open another 2 more classics today. Was quite a tough decision but I thought to myself if it were still in the cards the beauty would not be fully appreciated by everyone. To open or not?, yes or no? no or yes? I'm sure we've all been through this right? Finally,what the hey! So today ladies and gentlemen will be a head to head between the new Lotus Evora and the classic 250 GTO by Ferarri.

There's something about classics that makes it what it is. It's in the lines. You just know they're classic.

Bulging arches. Gotta love those curves.


Lotus Evora

You just know it's Lotus and a Ferrari

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Old is gold

Here it is my first  newbie posting. Gonna give it a try to take pics of 2 of my favourite castings. Both oldies but still like gold.

The iconic Ferrari P4. You don't get to see designs like these anymore.

And now for the Superbird. This one in 2010 green. Just look at that rear spoiler. Toyota Supra who?


The wing that launched a million dreams. Not to mention a lot of fibreglass and now carbon fibre spin offs. But non can beat the original.

Hope guys like it. Still learning the ropes of blogging as well as die-cast  cars and photography at the same time. See you soon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The pif-paf

This page is under construction. Will be up and running soon.