Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It's been a while since my last post. I've noticed that the more i get into this my interest is sparked even more. Hotwheels was what got me started into this in the first place then Matchbox. Slowly but surely i'm piqued by other collectors and they introduced me to more exotic stuff i.e Jada, Maisto then Johnny lightning, M2, Tomica Limited then Kyosho, Autoart. Haih!! how to stop this?? Lolol. Help!

 But i'm gonna take it S..L...O....W. Otherwise it's gonna drive me nuts. Oh yeah and another thing, it's about those green little things that's also driving me up the wall..Treasure Hunts! Well it's damn near impossible to find one hanging about.When was the last time you ever saw or even bought one? Never? Yeah I thought so too.

There's something fishy about those THs (read  shhh...we never display them but don't tell anyone) anyways if it is your cup of tea, goodluck in finding them. It really is like looking for treasure. Afraid i'm gonna start dreaming about my dreams.

This was what i found recently. A Mr. Orange but here it comes with a pull back action. Pretty nifty and the detailing quite accurate too. It's  the 911 GT3 RS

Looks good eh. Welly did a god job

Sell your missus. Sell everything you have

Ok stop drooling now

RS monicker is legendary.It's older than you or me i'm afraid.

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